Recover data every time, everywhere. With Sydney Backups, no matter what the disaster is, rest easy knowing you can recover. Sydney Backups Cloud Backup is a complete, end-to-end solution that gives you everything you need to recover your data from disasters, big or small, such as a hardware failure, virus or ransomware infection, theft, flood, fire etc. The software and services that make up Sydney Backups Cloud Backup work together to deliver everything you need to avoid disaster, and defeat it when necessary.


  • File or Image based backup of all data on servers, desktops or laptops

  • Secure backup of documents, databases, softwares, sensitive business, customer or patient information

  • Microsoft SQL, Exchange and Microsoft 365 cloud backups

  • Continuous daily or hourly incremental cloud backups to meet recovery point objectives

  • Local backups copy to a USB or a NAS are available in conjunction with the cloud backups

  • Bare metal full image recovery to similar or dissimilar hardware


  • Cloud Backup transfer and storage fully encrypted (AES256 + SHA256)

  • Flexible retention/recovery and archiving policies

  • Locally deleted data remains on cloud backup storage

  • Compressed backup to minimise cloud storage requirements and reduce costs

  • Stored securely in Australia to comply with local privacy laws

Sydney Backups cloud backup 2


  • Managed and Monitored 24/7

  • Daily backup and storage usage reports

  • Recovery tests on demand

  • Monthly consistency checks

  • Continuous improvements

Sydney Backups cloud backup 3


  • Backup data stored securely, away from Ransomware’s reach

  • Strong encryption during transit and storeage prevent malicious software from “sniffing out” passwords

  • File versioning with ability to revert

Sydney Backups cloud backup 5