Are my cloud backups secure?

Data security is our highest priority. All backup data is encrypted with a strong random password and AES256 encryption method. In addition, there is no ability to access the backup data directly, it can only be done through our backup software.

Do I need to sign up a contract?

No, our cloud backup services are provided on month to month basis.

Can you provide customer references?

References are available on request.

How long are my backups kept for?

Default retention policy is 30 days.. This means we keep 30 days worth of versions of each file, document or database. Files deleted locally are never deleted from the backup storage. Retention policy can be modified to suite amount of purchased cloud storage.

Do you provide custom solutions?

Yes, we provide custom solutions. Please contact us to discuss requirements.

Where are my backups stored?

Cloud Backups are stored in Amazon Web Services datacentres in Australia only region.

Do I need to upgrade my internet connection?

Cloud backups will work on almost all NBN plans and there is no need to change the connection type. In addition, we can implement speed throttling during business hours to reduce impact on internet speed.

How quickly can we recover data?

Data recovery can be started very quickly. Speed of recovery depends on your internet connection speed and amount of data to restore. In addition to cloud backups, many large customers have on premise backup storage devices to allow faster recovery. For more information please contact us.

How do I know I can recover my data?

Our systems perform automated monthly consistency checks of backup data. We also provide recovery tests on demand.

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