Frequently asked questions

Is my data secure?

Both on-site and off-site backups are encrypted with a strong password and AES256 encryption method. In addition to encryption, your backup account is only accessible from nominated locations.

What if the USB drive I sent back is stolen or lost during transit?

Data contained on that USB disk is fully encrypted and can not be accessed without correct credentials, known only to the customer.

Do I need to sign up a contract?

Contracts are optional, depending on type of the solution provided and customer preference.

Can you provide customer references?

Absolutely, we can provide references on request.

How long are my backups kept for?

Our backup retention policy is following:

  • Hourly 7 days (ability to restore per hour for 7 days)
  • Daily 30 days (ability to restore a specified days within the last 30 days)
  • Weekly 90 days (ability to restore to a specified week within the last 90 days)
  • Monthly 12 months (ability to restore to a specified month within the last 12 months)

To satisfy financial requirements, on request we provide a maximum of 10 years worth of monthly sets.

Do you provide tailored solutions?

We don’t sell a product, we tailor each order to fit the customer’s requirements, both operational and financial.

Where are my backups stored?

Backup data is stored on 2 locations:

  • At your business or private premises
  • Off-site in our datacenter

Are my on-site backups secure too?

Yes, on-site backups are secure as they are encrypted exactly the same way as off-site copies are.

Do I need to upgrade my internet connection?

Since we store only changes since the last backup (increments), our solution works well on ADSL2+ service. Some business and corporate customers may decide to upgrade their connection depending on the amount of data they generate.

How quickly can you send my data in case of a disaster?

Depending on type of the disaster, if your on-site backup data disk is intact, restore can be performed immediately, otherwise data centre replica can be delivered within hours, depending on it’s size and distance.

How do I know backups are working as expected?

Our system sends automated daily backup reports. In addition, we perform regular automated recovery tests to confirm data consistency and recoverability.

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